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A new fossil suggests 'all dinosaurs' may have had feathers

Yes, good…

The article isn’t actually that great, so, here is the significance for you: All dinosaurs fall into two main categories, which diverged right away. Prior to this discovery, we only had evidence of feathered dinosaurs from one of the main groups (the same one that birds evolved from, of course).

This new fuzzy dinosaur is from the other group though! Fuzzy feathers are present in both categories, —> members of both categories could have been fuzzy.

This is a brief behind the scenes video for a League of Legends cinematic that came out today. I’m very much not a League of Legends fan, at all, but I love what they’re doing. 

The whole cinematic is over 6 minutes of animation. And it’s not exactly a trailer— the game has been out for 5 years, much of the time it sounds more as if they made it purely for their existing fans. From the video, you really get the sense that the people in charge of the project are passionate fans of the characters, getting an opportunity to bring them to life. The entire thing sounds like a labor of love.  That’s what I want to do (though I would design my characters differently).

It’s also a great behind the scenes video. Foley is always fun to see, and things like recording parts of the music for an underwater-themed character underwater are just a lot of fun. I love this stuff.

If you want to watch the actual video, it’s here, and it’s some very good animation, even if I don’t really care about the content so much. I remember in a previous behind the scenes video they talked about how they animate by hand instead of using motion capture because they want their characters making larger-than-life movements, and, it works.

I’ve been reading Katie Tiedrich’s comics for about 8 years, since her deviantart days, before she started her website.

In that time, I’ve read as she graduated high school, went to college, graduated from college, and moved with her significant other to Wisconsin, where she works as a rocket scientist. And that’s weird. Am I going to be reading her comics for the rest of our lives?




is this even real


oh no

We’re moving again.

Among a bunch of old crap we found a Nintendo DVD from 2005 with a few game trailers on it, including one for Twilight Princess.

Those days, before everyone was streaming video (Youtube was created that year), were unbelievable. Can you believe they burned and mailed thousands and thousands of DVDs internationally, because that was the best way to get your potential consumers to watch an ad.

Maori actors Daniel Logan, Bodie Taylor, and Temuera Morrison as clone troopers of different ages in Star Wars.

Bonus: Logan and Morrison as Boba and Jango Fett.

IMPS: The Relentless site update

I am so glad this project isn’t dead— they’ve been working on it for over 10 years! Ready for Chapter 3!

Smash Bros. adds another playable character that you can choose the gender of, with full voice acting for both, which is pretty cool.

If in Smash Bros. 5 you could play as gender swapped versions of any character you wanted to… It absolutely won’t happen, but it’d be amazing.

All he wants is a movie where Angelina Jolie and Benedict Cumberbatch are both dragons and they fight each other.

- Overheard on the street

Jul 9

SIgourney Weaver is reprising herself from 1979 for the new Alien video game, and it’s clear that the developers are trying really hard to make her curly hair and baggy clothes happen in a video game, but, it’s not happening.

(mostly this is for the pants)

(still, this is probably the best effort at curly hair I’ve seen in a video game, it’s a lot easier to just avoid it)