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bitterandcurt answered: Sherlock Holmes? Oh, you’d probably make a good Gambit.

These are both good suggestions, but that I am not actually part of either of those fandoms.

twodaffodils answered: Link? Or Sheik?

These are also both very good suggestions but I think they are too cost/labor intensive for the amount of free time I have. Sheik would be great, but it’s a lot of fabric or whatever kind of material. Hmm…

There is always this guy, although I might have to do a warmer version given Boston weather…



Forget goat simulator. I AM BREAD  <—- full trailer


Anyone have any Halloween costume ideas/suggestions?

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victicms.









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After threats against her life, Anita Sarkeesian canceled an upcoming talk at Utah State University. Gamergate trolls are celebrating on Twitter while simultaneously dismissing the threats as nothing. Does this read like nothing to you?

“I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.”

The email’s author threatened to murder feminist women indiscriminately in a mass shooting. And because carrying guns on campus outweigh the right of students and guests to be safe, Anita Sarkeesian canceled her talk.



The bullies won this time. And if you think this shit isn’t dangerous, I’m fresh out of fucks to give and I’m not restocking any time soon. It’s goddamn wrong to to dismiss this by claiming the author isn’t serious. Elliot Rodger’s rantings were dismissed until it was too late.

This. Is. Not. OK.

guns… literally more important than the lives of women in the state of loveable mormons

And the responses have begun.  The male gamers are joking about a woman’s fear of an anonymous person who said he would write his manifesto in her spilled blood—as if it were no big deal.  How much more vile can you get, guys?   And how scary?  I wouldn’t show up, with this as my welcome card and the state saying they would deploy no serious protective movements.

One of these days one of these ha-ha-just-a-joke guys is going to make good on his jokes while wearing a metal cup to protect his goodies, and all of the rest of the gamer nutballs are going to say, “We didn’t know he was for realz.” 

Guess what, assclowns?  I don’t want Anita Sarkeesian to take that chance.  I don’t want any woman to take that chance.  I want women to be safe so they can get your hostile, threatening, abusive asses thrown into jail.


This about sums it up.


This about sums it up.

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Hey look, a trailer for a sci-fi video game set in the future, and there’s a woman in a headscarf and a man in a turban in it. It’s sad that that is at all noteworthy, but I can’t really think of any other sci fi games where that exists.

Like what about a game like Mass Effect, that boasts robust character creation tools, where you can customize you facial features, skin tone, and choose from many hairstyles. A lot of people make characters that look like themselves. You should be able to have your character wear a headscarf in games like that.

bumsangeee said: I’m an RA in Berkeley and I literally just had an active bystander training. This is interesting to read!

I’m glad someone else thought it was interesting, what is your RA’s opinion of it? Obviously in an ideal world her friends wouldn’t have separated from her to begin with, not a great buddy system right there. I also could have tried to find someone who was going back to her part of campus to go with her, though at the time I hadn’t thought it was necessary (but perhaps I was forgetting what it’s like to be a freshman, new to the city).

This is a story I was an active participant in over the weekend. I had a shift in perception that was interesting to think about… I know these are vague descriptions.

On Saturday I was at an off-campus party where everyone was drinking. One of my new freshman friends was there, and invited a couple of her freshmen friends. Through a series of events, one of the invited ones who I’d just met ended up kind of ditched, and, long story short, she drank too much and threw up (not on herself or anyone’s stuff, fortunately), and her friends weren’t around.

I also had been drinking, but over the next, I dunno, half hour or so, I got her water and paper towels and sat with her outside. She kept apologizing for inconveniencing me. Eventually she was feeling a bit better, and just wanted to go back to her dorm. I offered to walk her to the public transit stop, because she didn’t actually know her way around the part of town we were in, which she gladly accepted. I waited for the train with her for ~15 minutes, and she seemed sobered up, fine to ride the train alone for the 10 or so minutes it would take to get to her dorm. She later texted me to confirm that she got home safely.

The party had been winding down anyway when we left, so I didn’t go back. I ran into a bunch of other friends instead. We all went to a pizza place, where we met some other friendly students, sang a mashup of Counting Stars and Timber, and had a good time. A good night.

Then the next day one of her freshman friends who hadn’t been around when she’d gotten sick messaged me asking if I happened to know if she had gotten home okay, that she and her friend were really worried, and I realized I had sort of done something potentially really bad.

Oh my god. Imagine a girl who’s literally been in college for a month, basically still a high schooler, at possibly her first off-campus party, and she gets separated from her friends and gets too drunk and feels sick, and some random older guy who she literally met that night takes her away from the party into a part of town she’s never been to before without telling anyone. Oh my god. That is like the worst scenario. And I did not realize it at all at the time.

Obviously nothing bad happened… But that is like the number one horrifying situation, and I really wasn’t even thinking about it, the extent of my thinking was that I was just making sure someone was okay. And like, I told a few of my friends I was walking her to the T stop when I was getting my stuff to leave, but me letting my friends I was leaving with her doesn’t really help at all.

…Anyway, it was an interesting… thing.

Aside from telling her to text her friends that she had left I don’t know that I would have done anything else differently, but the way that my perception of the whole thing shifted so much after the fact is something.